A new way to teach.

A new way to succeed.

Your Brain...

On Ice Cream.

Oh, yeah.

Tilt your head back for about 10 seconds.

The stifling stigma about students

with Down syndrome can

be stopped just as easily as

Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

(a.k.a. brain freeze)

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Personal health challenges have led to a fascination with medical care for Emily. She is passionate about her goal to be a certified nurse’s assistant and personalized speech therapy and math and science instruction are essential to fulfilling her dream. 


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Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

​Can you handle it?



Take The

Challenge That's 

Melting Limitations.

Drink a warm liquid and hold it in your mouth. 

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Contributions directly fund scholarships, support

unique curriculum, and promote community inclusion. 



Select your favorite frozen treat and 

Challenge your friends to see who can eat the​ most 

in 60 seconds without getting a brain freeze!

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You scream, I scream... you get the idea. 

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Wesley is moving towards his dream of working with with Jeff Gordon and NASCAR. Empowering his ability to perform detailed work while enhancing his strong communication skills are creating a path for greater success in the future.   

For years, learning limits have been placed on young people with Down syndrome,

as though their brains somehow "freeze" when they reach a certain age.

The Wonderwood Academy is a non-profit that is working wonders with students

with Down syndrome who have real desires to achieve greater inclusion in life.

Join the Brain Freeze Challenge to support continuing education

for students with Down syndrome!


Fight the Freeze

Supporting Rachel's desire to work in the theater industry is moving her closer to achieving her dreams. Specific training in speech and reading enhance her ability to cast friends in roles and improve her singing and piano playing talents. 


Press your thumb against the roof of your mouth.